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Bordering Lot et Garonne, Landerrouat is a pretty commune located on the highest plateau of the Gironde.

Winner of the flower villages competition, it is proud of a flower and develops its flowering each year. It is a pleasant village for locals and passing tourists.

Landerrouat has 211 inhabitants for an area of ​​498 hectares.

An essentially agricultural commune, it has numerous winegrowers producing excellent, often medal-winning wines and a cooperative cellar whose capacity exceeds 135 hl.

An Agricultural Collective Interest Company (SICA) also markets the products of several cooperative cellars.

The jewel of the country is the forest which covers several hundred hectares of real hornbeam, the dominant species being hornbeam.

Many mushroom hunters come there when the season comes, as do hunters in their pigeon houses. In short, a village where life is good.

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