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Saint-André et Appelles, created in 1799, by the meeting of the parishes of Appelles and Saint-André des Cabeauzes is today twinned with Tourpes en Hainault in Belgium.

Numerous prehistoric sites dot its territory: deposits of Brejoux, du Râle, Moulin des Graves, menhir des Goulards, megalith of siliceous limestone, located on an eminence, at the edge of a small wood called “La Garenne au Nic ".

On a rocky promontory overlooking the Dordogne valley, stands Château Baby, an imposing XNUMXth and XNUMXth century building, flanked by two Mansard-style pavilions covered in slate.

On the walls of the outbuildings of the Pétities estate which belonged, in 1462, to the commandery of the Templars of Saint-Avit de Soulège, we can still see the presence of period windows, now walled up.

In Saint-André, the entrance door to a mill is decorated with a concise inscription: “Gabrielle Henri IV – N 1591”, in memory of the passage of King Henri IV and Gabrielle d'Estrées.

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