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Discover here the various sanitary measures implemented by our tourism partners.

The health pass

Since August 9, 2021, the health pass is compulsory in all the places concerned. The health pass is required for adults. Its application will be extended to 12-17 year olds from September 30. It applies to the public hosted in the places and events concerned. As of August 30, the pass will also be required for employees and other stakeholders going to or performing in said places or events during opening hours to the public. Finally, the health pass also applies to foreign tourists.

The law extend it health pass until November 15, 2021 and extends its perimeter to many other activities of daily living:

Places of activities and leisure

  • rooms for hearings, conferences, projection, meetings;
  • concert and performance halls;
  • cinemas;
  • museums and temporary exhibition halls;
  • festivals;
  • sporting events (outdoor amateur sporting events);
  • enclosed and covered sports establishments;
  • outdoor establishments;
  • conservatories, when they welcome spectators, and other places of artistic education with the exception of professional practitioners and people engaged in professional training;
  • games rooms, escape-games, casinos;
  • zoos, amusement parks and circuses;
  • marquees, tents and structures;
  • fairs and exhibitions;
  • professional seminars for more than 50 people, when they take place in a site outside the company;
  • libraries (except university and specialized ones such as the National Library of France);
  • cultural events organized in higher education establishments;
  • fairgrounds with more than 30 stalls or attractions;
  • cruise ships and boats with catering or accommodation;
  • any cultural, sporting, fun or festive event, organized in public space or in a place open to the public likely to give rise to control of the access of people;

Friendly places

  • discotheques, dance clubs and bars;
  • bars, cafes and restaurants, with the exception of canteens, company restaurants, take-away sales and truck stops, as well as room services and breakfasts in hotels;

Health measures of tourism partners

We have listed for you all the health measures put in place by our tourist partners in the Pays Foyen and its surroundings. Do not hesitate to contact them directly for more information.