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The Notre-Dame church, which traditionally occupies one of the corners of the Place de la Bastide, was built during the XNUMXth century.
In 1561, during the wars of religion, the Protestants partially destroyed it. Today, the facade, the porch, the gallery and the chapel of the baptismal font remain of the primitive church. The large church was rebuilt from 1622 thanks to a donation from Louis XIII.
The Notre-Dame church with its slender pillars is rebuilt in the ogival style. The bell tower with its 62m spire was completed in 1869.
In the church, the most remarkable elements are its large openings with historiated stained glass windows. These stained glass windows are the work of Etienne Thibaud de Clermont-Ferrand (1810-1896). In the choir, the walnut pulpit dating from 1685, represents on its sculpted support Hercules slaying the hydra of Lerna.

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