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The Pays Foyen is full of wealth and offers the local population and residents a multitude of activities: concerts, shows, night markets, flea markets and garage sales, sports activities ... Here is a taste, just to get you started!

La programmation de l’Ebénisterie

September to December 2023

Cabinetmaking programming


La Bataille de Castillon

20 July at 19 August 2023

The Battle of Castillon

Belves de Castillon

Les Jeudis de la Bastide été 2023

From 13th July to 17th August 2023

Thursdays at the Bastide summer 2023


CAP 33

From July 3 to August 31

CAP 33


Le Festival Pampa

From August 25 to September 2, 2023

The Pampa Festival

Port Sainte Foy and Ponchapt

Lou Festa Bourru 2023

Saturday 23 September 2023

Lou Festa Bourru 2023


Les Reclusiennes

July 5-9, 2023

The Reclusiennes


Mini Festival Rock the Sheep – Edition 2023

Saturday July 1, 2023

Rock the Sheep Mini-Festival – 2023 Edition

Eynesse City

Les Musitinéraires

From July 21 to September 15, 2023

The Musitineraries


Eco Festival de Pellegrue 2022

Saturday, October 22

Pellegrue Eco Festival 2022