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Tourist Office classified in category II

In 2020, the Tourist Office received its renewal of classification in category II:

  • Classified in category II and belonging to the network of the National Federation of Tourist Offices and Syndicates of Initiative, the Tourist Office of Pays Foyen commits to visitors to:
  • Provide a reception area and an easily accessible information area.
  • Facilitate the procedures.
  • Offer furniture to sit on
  • Offer free access to wifi
  • Display and distribute its opening periods expressed in at least two foreign languages.
  • Be open at least 240 days a year, Saturday and Sunday included, during tourist or entertainment periods.
  • Respond to your mail all year round.
  • Provide a permanent reception service run by staff speaking at least two foreign languages.
  • Ensure the supply of tourist maps, and guides on paper.
  • Give you access to its trilingual website
  • Disseminate tourist information also on paper translated into at least two foreign languages ​​relating to:
    • to all classified tourist accommodation including at least the name of the establishment, postal address, email, website address, telephone number, level of classification;
    • monuments and cultural, natural or leisure tourist sites which may include an indication of usage rates, periods and opening hours to the public, the website and telephone and postal coordinates;
    • emergency telephone numbers.
  • Update your tourist information annually
  • Post emergency telephone numbers outside
  • Present all the qualified offer of its area of ​​intervention for all clienteles
  • Process your complaints and measure your satisfaction
  • Respect a quality approach
  • Provide you with a travel advisor
  • Guarantee the reliability and timeliness of information on the local tourist offer

The Generosity of hospitality label

Le Generosity of welcome label is based on the criteria of the national repository of the Tourist Offices of France concerning the mission "reception and information". It incorporates the requirements of chapter 6 of the reference system. It is obtained for a period of 3 years, respecting: 

  • 90% of mandatory criteria 
  • 70% of optional criteria
  • by drafting 7 procedures on reception and information
  • by setting up satisfaction questionnaires
  • by managing complaints